The Remarkable Fools Letter
The Remarkable Fools Letter
A bit moron this fools latest

A bit moron this fools latest

the best make those around them better

On the podcast this week, a bit more about coming to terms with ADHD as an old dude, and a reading of a post from April of 2021 with some improvisations.

I’m still not certain what the podcast needs to look like. What do y’all want to hear?


A quick reminder: THE POSTCARD CLUB - that’s a thing. Reply to this message with your mailing address. I’ll give it to someone else and give you a mailing address so you can mail someone else a postcard. You will not be given the address of the person who has your address. Send this to me today. We’ll start sending postcards around the middle of March.

I’m devoting 2023 to finding and registering the Remarkable Fools of the world. For Remarkable Fools, what was once embarrassing or awkward, is now a thrilling leap to a life more fulfilling. How will we find the fools? A series of pop up live talk shows where the audience are also the guests. Highly interactive and playful, you’ll laugh till you cry or cry till you laugh.

The first three dates for this are booked - March 18, April 1 and April 29. Read the foolsletter for more updates on this. Here’s the description of the event.

What are we doing here anyway? - An Evening of Remarkable Foolishness  is a live, improvised talk show where the audience are the guests. What results is an evening of outrageous, touching, playful, interpersonal magic. It's a chance to experience being perfectly imperfect and beautifully human together. You'll wake up and feed that curious, joyful, ambitious part of you,  That part of you that's deep in your spine - you know that feeling of being really alive? Ideally that. 

This is participatory, sober fun. You’ll most certainly engage with the people around you. You might even get to come up on stage with the host. The choice is yours. 

Expect the unexpected.

At the Remarkable Fools Society we believe that people are neither fundamentally good, nor fundamentally bad. We're fundamentally limited, incomplete fools who sometimes achieve greatness or live wonderful lives despite our foolishness. Remarkable fools do this because of our foolishness.

Hosted by Jim Dalling, the Scribe of the Remarkable Fools Society, What Are We Doing Here Anyway? - An Evening of Remarkable Foolishness  explores our greatest successes and joys in life from humble beginnings to heroic triumphs. 

Come share in the magic.

Interested in doing this online? Drop me a line and we can see what we can see.

The Remarkable Fools Letter
The Remarkable Fools Letter
On a streak since february 2022, the only thing that's entirely consistent is my inconsistency. The ADHD weekly special, delivered daily. When you visit my garden, watch out for the rakes.
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