The Remarkable Fools Letter
The Remarkable Fools Letter
podcast #9 Devon John Chebra

podcast #9 Devon John Chebra

from assertions to questions

On today’s podcast you’ll meet Devon John Chebra, the creator of the Substack Curiouser & Curiouser

She has a Shakespearian sense of spelling, an incredible eye, can live like a duck and has an great sense of play. This week’s episode explores resilience, failure, burnout and reconnecting with curiosity and amusement.

This podcast is filled with creative nuggets of wisdom. There were so many places to explore, that this conversation could have lasted hours.

Instead? This is under forty minutes.

Here’s where you can find Devon

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If you’ve listened to the podcast check out the ‘photo journalism’ page on her site. The parade photos pop.

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The Remarkable Fools Letter
The Remarkable Fools Letter
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