The Remarkable Fools Letter
The Remarkable Fools Letter
podcast #8 Karine Labrosse

podcast #8 Karine Labrosse

inspiration is everywhere!

This week on the podcast, I’m hanging out with Karine Labrosse.

Karine is from Montreal.

In her words, she is a:

Humanist(e). Créatrice. Communicatrice. Nature lover.1

She publishes her newsletter Lab K here on Substack every week. One week it’s English, the other, French. It’s great. Check it out here.

She’s publishing a book as well. On this weeks podcast, we discuss that and more.

We talk about culture, creative process, being self aware and the importance of knowing yourself.

Karine finds inspiration everywhere.

She was inspiring to talk to.

Check it out!

And you can find Karine’s newsletter, Lab K here on Substack

She’s also on instagram as @winny39


This is from her bio on Instagram

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The Remarkable Fools Letter
The Remarkable Fools Letter
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