The Remarkable Fools Letter
The Remarkable Fools Letter
podcast 12 Patricia Auchnie

podcast 12 Patricia Auchnie

creating a life by the beach

This week’s guest, Patricia Auchnie, talks about surfing, parenting, leadership and being vulnerable.

Patricia is a leadership coach and counselor and mom.

She posts a lot of surf photos and videos on Instagram.

She writes and posts regularly on Linkedin.

Connect with her there!

Patricia is the founder of Nova Salutem inc - a leadership consultancy company.

Nova Salutem Inc. offers carefully curated programs, certified workplace training, health promotion educators, leadership advisors, and workplace psychological health and safety services. Nova Salutem Inc. offerings work to symbiotically engineer cultures and leaders for safety, accountability and profit. We build organizations and leaders with tools of compassion, conscience, courage, trust and accountability through the implementation of responsive systems and approaches to leadership with reverence and presence as core pillars of the work.

The Remarkable Fools Letter
The Remarkable Fools Letter
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