The Remarkable Fools Letter
The Remarkable Fools Letter
Try Stuff

Try Stuff

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Hey, welcome to the remarkable fools podcast. Thanks for listening. I'm your host, Jim Dalling. I'm the scribe of the remarkable fools society. This version of the podcast was inspired by Dan blank, he has the podcast, the creative shift, and he helps writers connect with their audience. And I've been listening his stuff a lot lately. And he talks about marketing books. And in doing so he says, You just try stuff. There's no right way, the only right way is that you're trying. And that philosophy really meshes with what I've been trying to push here with the remarkable full society. We're all imperfect. So if you're trying to do something, either as a leader or creatively in the world, and you make mistakes, that's means you're just like the rest of us. Each time you do something new, you're you're you're you're beginning, your beginning. Again, you're learning. So I'm here in that spirit, trying stuff and letting it unfold for you in the here and now. I'm flying by the seat of my pants. But in the spirit of trying stuff, I'd like to maybe inspire you to try something that you thought was impossible. For example, did you think that you could ever escape from a helicopter that crashed upside down in the North Atlantic Ocean? I believe you can. Now, that might sound remarkably foolish. But because I'm doing this a television show I, we were with the people that Survival Systems training lives limited. And they have a massive indoor wave pool facility, where they train people about ditching in helicopters in six foot seas and hurricane conditions. With winds blowing and rain coming down, they can simulate that I've been in the simulation. It's incredible. But could you imagine practicing with your team at work, or or the C suite of your organization or, or just a group of leaders who aren't quite gelling, giving them the training, putting them in a simulated helicopter, and dunking them upside down in the water underwater? So would you like to try this if you would like to try escaping from a helicopter underwater and being trained to do so? And then debriefing that with? How does that mesh with the rest of your life? Reply to the podcast or if you've got my number, give me a call. There's something we could do there. But with these same lunatics we don't need to just be escaping from helicopters. They could take us and make us shipwrecked, right. We could have a simulated shipwreck out of an actual boat where we abandon ship, go to an island off the coast of Nova Scotia, and spend 72 hours surviving in the wilderness with only minimal Sopran supplies. Do you think you could do that? Is that something you'd want to try? I mean, we're talking about trying stuff. There's some more stuff we could do with the same crazy folks at Survival Systems limited. I mean, they've got the safety training. They they know how to set this up. We could become part of a fire crew. Right? Do you have fires in your office? Do you always find that in your organization's you're running around putting out fires? Well, wouldn't it be fun with your team to put out an actual fire? What could you learn? Right? Because you think these things, these problems that you deal with on a regular basis are fires. They are not fires, you might get heated up, but nothing is actually burning. How do you want your team to perform on an instinctive pre verbal level when there's a fire? And what can you learn about yourself and each other from doing something like that? I mean, you want to try stuff? Do you want to try to put out an actual clarifier I mean, these are things these are this is some stuff that you could try with me here in Nova Scotia is is remarkably foolish, but you know, why not? I am here to try stuff. Finally Have you ever eaten? Something you've killed? Whether it's a fish? Or a chicken? Oh, wouldn't that be fun? You could as an office adopted chicken, and you could raise it. You could you could adopt a bunch of chickens and pair you with a farmer? Oh, then we could try stuff. Wouldn't it be fun to to pair corporate people or office people with with farmers and have them raise chicks from eggs to meat and then personally slaughter them themselves?


Right. If you eat meat, wouldn't it be fun to have a connection with your food? I know that that sounds remarkably foolish, but why not try stuff? Why not? Why not try killing a fish. Now cutting the head off a chicken and draining its blood. You know, removing its feathers cutting out its entrails you know doing all that human stuff. Try stuff. I've never done that. Maybe we could do that together. I'm sure you've seen videos, but these are actual physical human tasks here on this earth. Escaping from overturned helicopters. It will it will bring out part of your humanity. Your relationship with a lot of different aspects of yourself that likely go unnoticed. Same thing if you put out a fire with me, or we harvest some food and eat


that's the joy that can come from trying stuff. So what kinds of things haven't you tried? What kind of things haven't you tried lately that that could change your life? Or might tell you something about yourself? What are the things that you would never try could never consider trying?


Try stuff. See what happens. What is the most ridiculous, foolish absurd thing that you would like to try and if you have a team of high performers and you want to come and get dunked upside down in a hurricane in a helicopter simulator, or survive for 72 hours on an island off the coast of Nova Scotia and see what comes out of you and comes out of each other. Get in touch. Let's have some fun together. Let's try stuff

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I’m devoting 2023 to finding and registering the Remarkable Fools of the world. For Remarkable Fools, what was once an embarrassing or awkward, is now a thrilling leap to a life more fulfilling. How will we find the fools? A series of pop up live talk shows where the audience are also the guests. Highly interactive and playful, you’ll laugh till you cry or cry till you laugh.

The Remarkable Fools Letter
The Remarkable Fools Letter
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