The Remarkable Fools Letter
The Remarkable Fools Letter
Podcast #6 Teresa Topshee

Podcast #6 Teresa Topshee

Something's brewing!

This week I hang out with Teresa Topshee. Teresa is a holistic nutritionist and the owner of Pop Culture Brew Co. They are a kombucha fermentery located in Dartmouth Nova Scotia.

The Pop Culture Brew Co are the beverage sponsors of ‘Show Up and Win’.

(it’s a remarkably foolish live game show I’m presenting in Nova Scotia on April 1)

Back to the episode:

Teresa talks about control, powerlessness, vulnerability and how we change in groups. She’s generous with her humour. We had a great time chatting and I hope you enjoy listening to Teresa as much as I did.

You can find her products at the Alderney Market in Dartmouth and in most health food stores around the region.

For complete listings, click on the where to buy tab on their website:

You can also find the Pop Culture Brew Co on Instagram here

And also on Facebook.

Give them, and Teresa a follow


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The Remarkable Fools Letter
The Remarkable Fools Letter
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