The Remarkable Fools Letter
The Remarkable Fools Letter
podcast #5 Mary Crosbie

podcast #5 Mary Crosbie

and remarkably foolish reels

This week's podcast features Mary Crosbie. Mary is an actor and comedian based in New York City. We discuss the impact of the pandemic on performers, the joy of reels, failure, resilience and finding the others. 

Mary was a delight to talk with and I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did connecting with her.

You can find Mary on Twitter: @marahhhcrosbie

Her reels are on Instagram at this linkie here:

If you’re not afraid of weather balloons, she’s on Tick Tock as ScaryMaryCrosbie

And she has a youtube channel with more hilarity than you can shake a funny stick at. It’s here:

You can also find her right here on Substack -

Check her out and thank you for your time and attention!

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The Remarkable Fools Letter
The Remarkable Fools Letter
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