I think the word gossip is frequently misused in an effort to gaslight people. The corporate trainers tell you to refrain from gossip. But whose interests are they serving? I don't trust organizations that overtly tell you to not gossip. What I hear in my head, "We talk about transparency, but we don't trust you. If you all talked to each other, you would know we've lied to you. Don't talk among yourselves." I think most survivors of the holocaust did so through the strategic use of gossip, by themselves or others, and thank God they did. You don't need your life on the line to benefit from information. True gossip, whether in intention or spirit, is malicious. "Did you hear about Mary? She did this awful thing. Glad I am not Mary." There is nothing constructive here; just spreading words about someone that may or may not be true. I am being a bit judgy here because I love ideas. People who talk about people or TV or celebrity's activities bore me. Yup, no f's to give. Talk to me about something that matters: gossip to me about creating peace, preserving the health of the planet, making great food, creating a world of respect for all people and your hopes and dreams. I may be able to contribute. If I know someone who can help you move ahead with a project, I'll likely tell them, "I have a friend..." because sharing (gossiping) (networking) is how we help people. It's how we protect ourselves. I gossiped the other day at lunch. A friend I do business with is not loved by all. Psst..none of us are. I know someone who has reason to hope for them to not be successful, has used information negatively. I didn't tell them what happened. I reminded them that there are eyes and ears everywhere and to be cautious. Duh, pretty obvious advice. I think of it as a timely reminder. The best useful information (gossip) is information (gossip) that keeps us and others safe and happy. Today, I am having a coffee with a friend I met at work over 25 years ago. I will be gossiping about a worker who has decided to pursue other work next year. We're going to talk about her with an eye to helping her and those she may leave behind on the job. There will be no malice. Two women supporting a woman without her being present. Well, actually she will be. It's me. Feel free to gossip about it, unmaliciously, of course. And if it is malicious, I can't stop you. You do you. In advertising, they say there is no such thing as bad press. I think Kevin Spacey might disagree. Not sure if that is an observation or gossip. Hmmm...since the whole world knows, I'm calling it an observation. Off for now, there's gossiping to do. You don't say.

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