Remarkably Foolish Domain Names

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Sometimes, One Derful Things can’t be accomplished. Lockdowns can be a problem. For that? A new solution.

It’s time to find other ways to get a bit playful.

So here’s the assignment:

Create a fictitious URL and come up with a fictitious business that would use that URL.

Person with the most business names wins a hand written postcard, mailed to them by me.

I’ll start. I went to and searched and found this one:

This is the URL for a chiropodist with sharp tools and a blunt demeanour.

Share your results below

One Derful Thing

This is a bit more weird. Spend some time noticing how you walk. Where is your weight on your feet?

Now? For as much as you can, spend try walking with on your heels. Notice how that changes things. Report back what you’ve learned.