May 25Liked by Jim Dalling

I'm a bit disappointed that you would expect me to correct you.

A friend had made this observation: "Some people think of Thursday as Garbage Day. Some people think of Wednesday as Garbage Night. These people live very different lives."

Ever since I heard that, I changed my thinking to Thursday as Garbage Night. It has been a game changer on the occasions that my Trash Valet (husband) is away.

Two things:

1) Action matters. When other people need to do things doesn't matter. When you need to do things does.

2) When I think of Trash, I think of Thursdays, too.

Bonus: We are allowed one opaque bag per household per week. That is where the noteables can go to be free from public perusal. Your neighbours seem to be Trash Exhibitionists.

Enjoy The Show.

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