It's here somewhere

It has to be

Oh the irony.

This edition of the Foolsletter was going to be easy.

I was simply going to edit and update something that I wrote quite a while ago.



The file I want is gone.

Where did it go?

I’ll never know.

There are however a few gaps in my google drive that I can’t explain.

Perhaps I was going over and did some mass deleting.

Luckily, the photos from the past are still sticking around.

Some of the writing and compiling that I did between June of 2020 and February of 2021 is not.

And this is no longer within my control.

I’m frustrated.

And this is a great segue for a bit on zones of control.

The last few Foolsletters were about roadkill.

When a squirrel runs under our car, frequently that’s beyond our control.

Swerving to avoid something that’s dead already?

Those reactive impulses are things we can learn to control.

The fact that I deleted a really great bit on zones of control?

Well, I can’t do anything about that anymore.


There are the things we can control.

That’s where we can actually have a direct impact.

That’s where we are responsible.


There are the things we can influence.

I can have some influence over people close to me.

I can teach my son to try to look after his back pack.

If he leaves it on the playground?

That’s beyond my control.

Unless I’m there with him every moment.

He’s himself and a separate person.

He’s not me.

I can come up with consequences for his actions.

I can encourage him to be mindful.

Together, we can make plans so he keeps track of his stuff.


There are areas of my concern.

Think of the news.

Most of that stuff is outside of either my control or my influence.

Most of that stuff I ignore.

It’s none of my concern.

Can I make a donation to the red cross for tsunami survivors?


Does staying up worrying about whether they live or die do anything to benefit anyone?

Not so much.

Getting clear on this shit?

Super helpful.

Let me know if you have any questions about this and I’ll try to add a bit of larfs to the answer.