yesterday was spicy

turning up the heat of pluralism

Like I said, yesterday’s foolsletter was spicy.

I had a lot of people reach out to talk about it.

Woo! Good times.

Let’s begin with this one statement:

Everyone is crazy.

We’re making it up as we go along.

Can we agree on that?

Some of us have stuff that we’ve been building on for a lot of time.

Those people?

We call them ‘experts’.

I tend to listen to them.

Mainstream experts.

These experts, following scientific method, have given us a lot of good stuff. Many great things like the device that you are reading the foolsletter on have come to us because of experts.

Experts and their ‘chemo therapies’ are, as far as I can tell responsible for my wife being alive.

Other experts with their Caesarian butchery are responsible for my wife and daughter being alive.


I believe in the experts of the establishment the vast majority of the time.

Others that I know and care deeply about?

They have beef with certain experts.

They do not believe in them.

They believe in other people, more marginal in their research, yet just as strong in their convictions.

Herein lies the problem.

A very dirty word:


Belief leads to evangelisms and zealotry.

People sharing their beliefs?


Forcing them on others?

Me no likie.

Two reasons:

1: They probably contradict my own

Especially when they contradict my own.


2: Their chosen weapons offend me - whether it’s the status grab of a moral high ground or the use of status and shame, frequently cause more harm than good.

And the people who don’t share my views on x,y or z?

Some of you likely reading this today?

You won’t like my beliefs either.

This, for many is a super big problem.

It’s a turbocharged, 600 horsepower Dodge Problematic, problem.

(with a flappy paddle gearbox)

[I hate the word problematic so much. Wreaks too much of manbun for my liking]

I digress…

I have a lot of people in my life whose point of view, whose beliefs I do not respect.


The people with the shitty beliefs?

I respect them.

I respect HOW they acquired these beliefs.

I respect that they are doing the best they can with what the know.

But their differing beliefs?

I tolerate them, just so long as they return the favour.

If they don’t, the best I can do is sigh and move on.

In a pluralistic society, one of many intersections, asking that everybody be accepted for who they are, what they believe and how they live is asking way too much.

What can we do?


That’s it.

I tolerate the cult member zealots who wake me up and hand out pamphlets on Saturday morning.

I don’t think what they think, know what they know and believe what they believe.

Are they good people?

Very likely.

Do I want to live like them?

No fucking way.

Same with vegans.

And Adelle fans.

It’s not for me.

The problems start when we push too hard to convince people that our beliefs are the correct ones.

I know what you’re thinking

Well… what some of you are thinking because you’ve reached out and asked:

Isn’t this just moral relativism?


In a global pandemic when lives are at stake, shouldn’t we do what we can to do the right thing?

Who determines the right thing?

And, more importantly, how do we get there?

In the interest of brevity and getting more feedback from y’all, I’m going to keep this sucker going tomorrow.

Until then?

Find some puffy clouds to have a perfect meowoment with.

Or pat a cat.

Lotsa love.

Jimbolio, The Remarkable Fool