Wooden Block Parenting

Part 1

We were wood toy parents.

Whenever possible we bought toys made of wood.

My favourite wood toys were Bil Ding Wooden Stacking Robots.

They had all sorts of neat ways of hanging from each other.

The could be stacked one on top of the other.

As balance toys, at first I tried to see what symmetrical creations I could come up with.

Eventually, I started testing the limits of how far out I could stretch these creations.

I even turned everything upside down.

The thing I love most about these stacking robot blocks? They all are using leverage to achieve balance.

In order to do that they have a strong base and they rely on each other.

What can you learn from Bil Ding?

One Derful Thing

We’re going to play with balance. How far off balance can you go without falling down? How can you play with balance while staying hooked / strapped in?

So, play with balance. Take yourself off balance. How far can you hold on?

Imagine that your whole body is like the trunk of a tree. How far off balance can you go before you absolutely must catch yourself by stepping?

Where are some odd places that you could experiment with this?

What happens if you end up falling down?