Wiggle your fingers

Make some magic

I find it more than a little ridiculous


Fundamentally absurd


I can just wriggle my fingers

And then

My thoughts go into your brain.





That's a little pushy.

I prefer our arrangement.

Don't you?

What does my voice sound like in your head?

I wonder what yours would sound like in mine...

Let's test it out.

Wiggle your fingers.

Make some magic happen.

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One Derful Thing

Writing isn’t really magic. It’s simply action. Thoughts in action.

However, magical thinking?

That plague is everywhere.


Each time you want something


Want to do something.

Imagine it happening.

Really hard.

Wiggle your fingers even.

See if it works

EXAMPLE: Lie on the coach and have your imaginary tooth brush, imaginarily brush your imaginary teeth and receive all of the imaginary benefits of imaginary toothpaste.

Dream of oral hygiene.

Intend to have cavity free teeth.

Manifest your fillings away.

Then? When all of your teeth are gone and apple sauce seems textured?

Go see Uncle Bobby. He makes good teeth.