Who ate the butter?

Of four furry creatures, who was responsible?

My wife left a quarter pound of butter on the table, then left the house.

Unfortunately it was a temptation too delightful for the animals to resist. When she returned home, it was pretty much gone.

Her question: who did it?

Later than evening, Rodney produced a remarkable turd. One end was the typical brown. Half way down? It became yellow. Buttery in fact.

Rodney was a likely culprit.

After coming in from the dog walk I discovered grass thatched yellow, buttery vomit.

This seemed to indicate that Trevor the cat was involved.

Either way, after seeing this, it was my job to clean it up.

This is a lesson for the changemakers. When the butter is gone and all that remains is vomit and feces, it doesn’t matter who made the mess. It’s best to just get to work and clean things up.

Move on.


Make sure the butter gets put away tomorrow.