Which wave do you choose?

creativity and leadership require choices, even the wrong ones

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Which Wave?

Surfing can look pretty boring to the non surfer. There's a lot of sitting around and waiting.

What are people waiting for? They're waiting for the bigger waves. The little ones? If you surf the little ones, closer to shore, when the big ones come, you get churned around in the whitewater.

The bigger waves come in a set. 

Surfers wait for set waves. And

They're waiting their turn to take one of them. Wiithin the lineup there's a hierarchy. There are rules. One person per wave. The person closest to ‘the peak’ has priority.

These rules are not entirely clear. There are subtleties that vary from location to location. These subtleties can take a while to figure out. 

Regardless of that, eventually, you get a turn.  

Waves typically show up in sets that have between 2 and 5 surfable waves. When you have priority, you have a bit of power. You get to decide which wave in the set you want to take. 

This is a bit of a tense experience. Once you paddle for a wave, you lose priority whether you make the wave, wipe out or have a less than optimal experience. 

You lose the status and power that comes with being able to choose.

What’s worse?

If you don’t go on any waves, people are going to pass you by. You risk losing your spot in the line-up entirely. 

Which wave do you take?

How do you know it’s the ‘right one’?

How can you tell it’s the ‘right’ opportunity, the ‘right’ choice?

Sadly, set waves, like life choices, bring no guarantees. All you can do is paddle, pop up and make the most of the wave you picked.

Which wave do you need to paddle for?

Or are you just sitting on the shoulder of life, letting the opportunities pass you by?