Where has your soul found a home?

What places have just felt 'right?'

Where has your soul found a home?

Most of mine thrives on the scrappy coastline of the North Atlantic.

There’s a big part of me living in the loam of the redwood forests of Humbolt County California.


Part of me belongs in New York City.

Well. That’s not entirely true.

A big part of me belongs in Coney Island.

The pier there is such a scene.

Old dudes, with up to 10 lines in the water each, prospecting for dogfish.


Little sharks.

Small little sharks that congregate around the pier not more than 200 feet from where I would go swimming most days that summer…

On this night?

Most of the men weren’t looking at their lines.

The rods they were thinking of?

Not on display.

On this night, it was like there was a fucking gold shoe Barbie convention in town.

You should have seen the bling.

Gold shoes, Gold hair. Gold skin. Gold earrings.

Step step step.

Strut strut strut.

Gawk gawk gawk.

There was perhaps some ‘problematic rubbernecking’ going on.


A bell.

Just a small ringing sound.

Excited, the dude muttered something in Mandarin,

Grabbed his rod and gave a mighty pull

Arching through air came the fish

Step step step went the Barbie Dolls

All eyes were focused on the fish

Strut strut strut went the Barbie Dolls

All eyes were focused on both.

As a thirty inch long dog fish

With all its moist, wiggly ways

Went splat on her face.

Everyone was laughing.

Well. Almost everyone.

Stomp stomp stomp.

Mortified. She surrendered her dignity.

Stomp stomp stomp

And retreated without the grace of a giggle at her good fortune.

Of being forever etched in our memories.


If you were hit


In the face with a wet, wiggling dogfish

Would you have the capacity to laugh at yourself?

Or would you surrender the evening to ruined make up?

Call for submissions

Thank you for the overwhelming support with your hilarious stories of embarrassment for The Remarkable Fools Journal. This is a reminder that the deadline for submissions is March 21. Keep the stuff coming. Will it be good enough? Highly likely.

If you missed it, please send me a 3 to 500 word story about “It was embarrassing then but is funny meow” - Stories from high school for The Remarkable Fools Journal which will be published on April 1, 2021 on as a newsletter. The goal? We all get to laugh at how stupid we used to be and likely still are ;-)

Weekly Playlist:

An episode from the Akimbo podcast. There are two great things about this: 1 Seth’s look about the nature of money is a really important discussion to have right now. and 2: Seth’s answer about dancing with the fear is pretty damn good. My work? I help people dance with the fear. We all feel lighter in the end.

EDIT and a correction will follow tomorrow.

Here’s a link to the podcast:


Weird Video of the Week

This was shared on the big social site by a friend.

It was so good it needed to come here too. Here is one of Buster Keaton’s final films. Produced by the National Film board of Canada, it’s 24 minutes long and worth your time. Some of it was shot not far from where I’m typing this and features some landmarks that I drive past on a regular basis. Keaton is a genius clown and it’s neat to see him in this context.

One Derful Thing

Trains have always fascinated me.

They’ve fascinated me to the point of wanting to hop on one and just see where it would take me.

Though I’ve known of people who have ‘ridden the rails’, this is a fantasy that I will likely not explore.

I do love trains though. I particularly love the sounds they make. They chug along with a steely determination.

What I love best how ever is the train whistle.

The whistle is important. It provides a warning that a massive difficult to stop machine is on its way.

The whistle is also a great way to let off steam.

It’s the weekend.

Let off some steam.

Shout: Woo woo!

Imitate a steam engine whenever you get the chance.

See how it impacts you.

Woo! Woo!