Where food comes from

and what it becomes

We’re almost there.

This time of year.

Almost out of the brief sharp grip that winter places on this region.

But most importantly? The sunlight.

The days are longer. I see it. I smell it. I feel it. I taste it.

The quickening.

Sap running.

Animal stirring.






Crocus peaking

Daffodil’s probing

Garlic promising.

Springing out of rich, fertile soil

Soil fertile with processed shit.

First stage turd care

At the barn where my daughter rides horses there’s a lot of horseshit.

I’m sure you experience the same anywhere there is an organizational structure.

Sometimes at work. Sports. Dealing with other humans. Family…


If we’re lucky

With horses too.

Both are byproducts: One of having horses. The other, of having relationships.

Shit is a great asset if used properly.

My mother always told me:

Never add raw manure to your garden.

She had a point.

The experts agree.


Shit has a role to play.

Poo acts as an accelerant to the compost process. It heats stuff up. A little goes a long way.

We all have our excitement. We all have our excrement. We all come from structures created by fallible, limited, well intended humans.

And, sometimes when we mix our feces in with a whole lot of filler?

It creates heat.

It creates change.

It creates fertile soil for the kind of growth we have at this time of year.

So, today?

Take a deep breath

And appreciate

The smell of your own droppings.


What other bits of organic matter could you add to your stool to turn it into fertile soil?


Are any of you farmers?

One Derful Thing


If you experience horse shit that isn’t from a barn?

Give yourself permission to let out a whinny.

Maybe it’s a private one.

A joke that you share with yourself.


Public one that lets people know just what you can see.


A playful one to connect with someone you love.

Just make a noise like a horse

That’s talking to its poo.