When to give up?

A post about the kitten

I have a belief about where cats can and cannot be.

They cannot sleep next to the engine of my car and get caught in the fan belt.

They cannot be able to drink water from the toilet in case someone forgot to flush.

They also, fundamentally cannot go on the counter.

Unfortunately the kitten does not know the rules.

She believes that she belongs on the counter, stove top and dinner table.

Everyone else in the house seems to have given up.

They make some small efforts to dissuade her from running from counter to table to stove top.

And it’s really a show.

They’re trying to help me in my struggle to maintain a basic standard: No cats on the dinner table.

I super appreciate it.


I still make hissing noises.

I still take bits of water from the tap and throw them at her.

I still insist on picking her up off of the table and putting her on the floor.

This does little to keep her off.

She is stubborn.

A little fuzzy ball of chaos and love.




It makes a mess of things.

I’ve likely been defeated.

Yet, I persist.

Where are you unwilling to surrender?

Where are your rules constantly broken, yet you persist?