When things heat up

What happens with you?

When things heat up, I have learned to slow down.

Less effort.

Less exertion.

Less exhaustion.

More of me.

I don’t last long going quickly in the heat.

Mistakes get made.

I end up wet and uncomfortable.


I slow down.

The heat can be from an external source - in this case the sun.

Or the heat can come from friction.

Either way, slowing down prevents damage.

In relationships,

Can you apply the same principle?

One Derful Thing

Take some cold water from a tap.

Set it to boil

Once boiling, take it off and let it cool again.

Time the whole process.

How long did it take to get hot?

How long did it take to cool down?

Could the water in the pot ever be as cool as it was when it started?

What would have to happen?