When the song lyrics don't fit anymore

A riff on noticing progress in personal growth.

While driving to the barn, Brother Down, by Sam Roberts was on the radio.

Years ago, while working as a waiter in Toronto, that song came on every day when we’d be cleaning up after the lunch rush.

I think my life is passing me by…

Walking in clothes I hated, carrying the scraps of another business lunch indulgence, and dreaming of making a difference in the world, I felt every word from tip to toe.

Sam’s words were a source of comfort.

In this instance?

I was taking my teenage daughter to ride a horse.

The sun was shining.

The work that I do is satisfying.

Writing is fun.

Life isn’t passing me by.

The song is no longer true.

What happened?

I stopped hiding.

I started taking risks.

I set goals.

Life is no longer getting away from me. I’m no longer running away from it.

Sam’s words are still a source of comfort because they’re no longer true.

What songs do you sing to yourself that don’t really apply to your current reality?

What would happen if you changed the tune?