What's it for?

You life that is

What’s it for?

This is the essential question. More important than asking why, this question is the starting point for any creative project I engage in.

What about life?


My life.

Your life.

What’s it for?

All of this is ties into why we need The Book of Wrong Answers right now.

You, reading this?

You’re likely a good person.

If you’re attracted to my work, you’ve likely spent your life trying to do go, be good and have a positive impact on the world. You’ve tried to do the right thing and live your best life. 

And, despite all of your best efforts? 

This shit just isn’t working.

Likely because of those essential questions: Who is it for? What’s it for?

Your life, that is.

You’re here because someone made a choice. At least one person at one time made one choice. It was likely one in a line of a whole lot of choices interacting with each other in a matrix of wonder. And that would be a lot to unwind.

So, instead?

Tomorrow, we’ll back in time and look at what went into the choice to have a child historically. Then, we’ll examine what’s behind that decision today. Then, we’ll follow up with some of the implications that come this choice

One Derful Thing

Last week I wrote about how our driving style reflects on how we make our way through the world.


Let’s experience this in an embodied way.

Every time you come to a place where someone needs to yield, back down or defer to the other person, notice what happens to you physically.

Notice any sensations and emotions you experience as you approach a place where one person or the other has to give way.

How do you typically behave in these situations?

If you normally move forward without yielding, what is it like to hold back?

If you normally yield, what happens when you fill the space? What sensations and emotions come up?

Let me know what you discover!