What type of person are you?

... and try not to pee on the cat.

Clearly there are two types f people in the world.

Psychologists? Neuroscientists, Psychoanalysts?

With all of their categorization and dispensation they have created a misrepresentation of the human condition. The cornucopia of conditions and afflictions a presented in the DSM 5, is entirely a big masturbatory waste of time. This is a waste of time because there are only two types of people in the world: Dog people and cat people.

At this juncture, I’m unwilling to wade too far into this swampy mess. I will show up and choose a side though. I am, have been and will forever be a cat person. Meow and furever. With our cat Trevor? I’m clearly his person. He follows me around rubbing into me. Asking for food. Hoping I’ll die so he can dine on my eyeballs.

Trevor is a bit nasty. And I love him anyway.

Today was one of those days

Those days of






I wanted a break. I went home. I saw Trevor he was doing his usual - following me around. I was dong my usual - trying not to trip.

I saw the people, got the hugs, felt whole again.


I needed to pee.


I was tense.


Things were a bit slower than usual.


Just as a golden stream arced through the air, I felt a fuzzy brushing between my calves. Just as the first phosphorescent droplets were crossing the porcelain threshold, their progress was prevented by a pesky feline peaking into the bowl.

Poor Trevor. I attempted valiantly to interrupt the spray. Unfortunately for Trevor? I couldn’t act quickly enough. Trevor unwittingly had his head peed on.

I wish i could tell you that this was the first time a feline of my was caught blind my urine of mine. (say that again aloud and pronounce urine as ‘yer-ine’)

The dogs? The dogs end up getting peed on all of the time. They love pee. They spend their time reading and leaving pee mail for all of their rivals. There are times when one dog is responding with urine to a message, just as his brother is encountering it for the first time.

With me? One lifts the leg as the other is sniffing. They pee on each other all of the time. You expect this with dogs. Not with cats. The question that some of you are screaming in the background might sound like this: Why in the name of all that’s good and tasty do the cats get into the bathroom? Don’t you know how to close a door?

On days like today?

Not so much. Simple things are more difficult. Love makes it easier. And then there are days where I forget. I thought the door was latched. By the time I realized my mistake, it was too late. Trevor’s head was wet and I was feeling stupid.

On our worst days we sometimes pee on the heads of those we love. If you’re in a dog person, perhaps that’s ok. If you’re a cat person, perhaps less so. Funny enough, I’ve never peed on the dogs heads.

Either way. When it’s been a tough day, how do you keep yourself from peeing on the heads of those you love?

One Derful Thing

Limits create tension. Relief from this tension is fun.

Here’s a game you can play that has limits that create tension. Spend the day speaking in three word sentences.

How long can you last?

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