what happens when

you get sick?

Trust your gut.

That’s been a big part of being a therapist.

Trusting your gut.

Unfortunately, lately, my guts have let me down.

Not in an intuitive way, but with their primary physiological function.

Processing food.

I’ve hardly eaten in three days.

My stomach has been weak.

I’ve been sick.

It’s been difficult to keep showing up.


For anyone.

After a couple of days under the blankets I have know idea what I’m doing anymore.

This is fine.

Most days I don’t .

And today?

I’ve eaten already.


Shaky and weak, I’m ready to play.

Humbled by the limits of my physical reality, I’m ready to play.

Not like the cats, who this morning are biting, pawing and tumbling around the living room as I write this.


More like a child seeing a bubble for the first time.

How do you recover from a setback?

One Derful Thing

For some, this might be gross.

For others, you may already do this from time to time.

Bring some saliva up in your mouth.

Make more of it by swishing your tongue around.


Try to blow little delicate bubbles with your spit.

Typically they just make a film.

They don’t fill up that much.

The do however make a lovely, delicate sound when they pop.