Well that was foolish

On yesterday and certainty

Last night,

After uploading a thumbnail, I was certain that I scheduled the sending of the newsletter.

I had not.


I checked to see who read it.

When I should have first looked at my own inbox.

If I took that course, I would have quickly realized that the ‘send at 8am button’ wasn’t clicked.

Anyway… That’s for waiting yesterday. I appreciate you being here with me.

Views of humanity

There are some who believe that people are essentially good and that people are corrupted by or let down by society.

Others believe that people are essentially bad and that we need lots of restraints to keep the dirty unwashed masses held back - through the pandemic I’ve heard a lot of conservative sounding talk by some people who identify as ‘progressive’.

But I digress.

Here at the Foolsletter? We believe that people are essentially well intended. We also know that humans are limited by our senses. We never make choices with all the data. Just the best we have at any given time. As such, we humans are incomplete, mistake prone, often arrogant and essentially foolish. So, when I’m saying that people are essentially foolish, I am calling you foolish.

This gets us into trouble

It does in two major ways. First, when we think we know something. When we behave with certainty. When we loose our sense of foolishness, we loose our ability to be sensitive to the fact that we might not be correct about things. This lack of certainty, this embracing of our inner idiot is a gateway to compassion. If I’m not totally correct, what’s the truth that the other people might have to offer.

The other way that loosing our foolishness hurts us? We can become afraid of being viewed as stupid. We worry that others might think, see us as, or believe us to be foolish.

Guess what jackass? Too late. You’re an idiot and so am I.

If you can accept and embrace this, the views of the others matter less. When you learn to embrace your foolishness, more is possible. You’re more free, less constrained by the court of popular opinion.

Gaulier used to say that when you feel embarrassed, we see your humanity. When you feel embarrassed, your clown is near. Clowns? Yes. Clowns. Clowns regularly live in a world filled with freedom and pleasure. With that in mind, there are worse things to be.

One Derful Thing

These prompts are like mini clown exercises and opportunities to embrace your foolishness and become comfortable getting uncomfortable. These are opportunities to be awkward on purpose, so that when life inevitably becomes awkward naturally or uncomfortable in other ways emotionally, you can better dance with the sensations you experience.

Ask Me If I’m a Tree

This one is simple and really stupid. If you have a chance to be around people, stand fairly still with your arms overhead.


Once someone notices, say to them: Ask me If I’m a Tree.

Once they do? Pause for a bit. How long can you play with the simple tension between the question and answer?

Then reply:


You can also just in the middle of a meeting interrupt the proceedings and play. Find a way to work this into your day.


Ask me if I’m a tree…