Welcome to the Weekend

I know you

This is a letter written to a child I saw being heavily corrected by their parents. I am imagining them getting this in 20 years and feeling super seen. There will be a few in this vein.

I know you.

You survived.

You survived by joking, by laughing, by playing, by finding light, and finding humour everywhere you could because that was the only way to make the rest of it bearable.

You survived the teasing by learning to tease. You survived the insensitivity by developing your sense of timing, your sense of humour, your joke radar, your gift of knowing the perfect thing to say or do to change the breathing of everyone in the room.

You know something. You can MAKE people do something that affects them on the most basic level. You can change how people breathe. You survived because learned how to do this.

You survived with an embodied understanding of ‘this too shall pass.’ You survived knowing that laughing makes it pass more easily.

You survived by knowing that when things are at their worst that ‘you just need to laugh’. You learned that laughing and crying are so closely related that at their peak, it’s difficult to distinguish one from the other.

You survived because you know how elegantly brief and limited our lives are. You survived because you understand that we are simple, ephemeral animals.

You survived pain, fear, grief, powerlessness and desperation by laughing. You survived by not taking any of it too seriously.

I know you.

You survived.

And I take how you survived very very seriously.

Remarkably Foolish Playlist

I just realized that I have not made these playlists public.

Eight weeks of oops.

Try this one.

Let me know if it works…

Remarkably Foolish Video of the Week

I’ve been saving this one up. It is one of my all time favourites. Rob, the lavender farmer / carpenter turned me on to this years ago. I can’t stop singing the chorus.

If you haven’t watched this yet, please do right meow.

If you’ve seen it before, watch it again. Worth. The. Time.

One Derful Thing

The mind readers of the world?

Have you met them?

These are the people who expect you to know.

They expect you to know all of the rules.

All of the triggers.

All of they ways that you ‘could’ or ‘should’ behave around them.

Or when connecting with them.

They say silly things like:

You should have known what I was thinking


You should have known that wouldn’t make me happy

They expect you to know what’s going on in their heads.

They spend lots of time imagining what’s going on in yours.

(they aren’t accurate nor do they have the decency to ask)

They expect the same from you.

When you encounter a mind reader

You’ll know who they are.

They are looking for mind reading activities - these can be described as times when they are not clear with their expectations and yet, your job is to fill in the blanks and know. You need to do their work for them and know what they need despite them not sharing that with you.

Pleasant folk eh?

When you encounter them and they’re asking for mind reading, or for you to know what they need, turn it into a game. Announce that you are Kreskin and you’re going to read their minds.

Make funny gestures with your hands beside your head - like waves - as though you’re amplifying your brain waves with your hands.


As you do this, make a bit of a humming noise, roll your eyes a bit into the back of your head. Interrupt your humming as though speaking in tongues:

It’s coming to me… it’s coming… Through the power of my mind… You want… You want me to…

Pause the shtick then ask boldly:

What do you want?

Then make funny eyes again and wave your hands beside your head and say:

I’m sending you my answer. Did you get it?

Then perhaps we should try talking from now on.

Tell me about the mind readers in your life.