Waiting to be picked

The story of the entrepreneur and the barn mom

I love helping out at the barn where my daughter rides.

I get to give the horses hay.

I get to feed them.

And at times?

I even get to go into the paddocks with them.

Another parent noticed this and asked:

Why are you doing this? The rules state that we are not supposed to go in the paddocks with the horses.

This required a bit of an explanation. 

During the last lockdown, there was another rule: No one is allowed in the viewing room. Parents were not allowed by virtue of this to watch their children ride. 

One morning, while passing through the viewing room en route to the washroom, I noticed how dirty the floor was. On the way out, with no one around, I picked up a broom and swept. 

Now typically this would be a ten minute job.

Given that it had been over a month since I watched my daughter ride, I decided to be thorough. I stretched things out for over a half an hour.

My payment for a job well done? I had the chance to watch my daughter ride.

The barn owner noticed what I was doing. Not only did he let me continue to watch / sweep, he invited me to help out other ways around the property. Helping out was fun. Helping out gave me meaning.

When I told this story to the bitter parent, she clucked and remarked that she wasn’t asked. Insulted, she puffed on that ‘nobody told her there was an opportunity to help’.

I just shook my head and forced a laugh as I replied:

Nobody asked me either. I merely found a problem and solved it.

As an entrepreneur, you know this. 

Nobody ‘asked’ you to start a business.

Nobody told you there was an opportunity to sign up and apply for.

You didn’t wait to get picked. 

Instead, you saw a problem, solved it and were rewarded for your efforts.

If you’re not an entrepreneur, what problems do you see?

How can you make the world a better place?

What’s your reward?

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