a correction and an expansion

I was speaking with Shannan the other night.

We talked about the Foolsletter post that I wrote about her.

There was an awkward pause in the conversation.

After her hesitation, she told me that I was inaccurate when I said that she had performed for thousands of people.

The truth?


Over five million people in fact.

Millions are much more than thousands.

My bias, based on my performance numbers had an impact on how I saw her.

Imagine for a moment - Shannan, over the course of 15 years has made over 5 million people laugh. Some of which likely peed a little given how damn funny she is.

I underestimated her impact.

Unfortunately many of us do this about ourselves.

We underestimate our impact, potential to help others and value to society.

How the hell did this happen?

Likely because when we underestimate ourselves and play small, we serve something bigger - the capitalists at the top.

That’s right.

As many of our children - for those of us lucky enough to be parents - return to the educational industrial complex we need to remember what school does to us.

It teaches us to wait to be picked, rather than find interesting problems to solve.

It teaches us to play small as tall poppies get cut down.

School in many ways is there to teach us to fit in.

Fit in for who?

I don’t think it’s necessarily for us…

School teaches us to wait to be picked.

Shannan isn’t waiting.

Shannan is betting on herself.

You can too.


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