Uncle Bobby and the identity crisis

Uncle Bobby tried to change his name

This happened about twenty years ago.

I’m not certain what prompted the shift.

I’d like to say that it was the stuff of legends

But nobody really cared that much.

I believe that he wanted to be more sophisticated.

I believe he wanted a moniker that carried less youthful exuberance.

So Bobby tried changing his name to “R”.

Simply “R”


He chose some weird symbol.

Far too complicated.

Bobby? He chose ‘R’ - It’s apparently a shortened version of ‘Robert’.


Some people even decided to call him “Rzee”

ahr zee for the phonetically inclined.

Which for me?

Sounds a bit too much like “Arse-y”

And, to the point, “R-zee”

That is somehow better than Bobby?

Besides, Bobby still calls me Jimmy.

So there’s that.

And Jim Dalling?

That’s my Dad’s name too.

That’s a whole other story for a whole other time and you’ll really want to share it with people who are named after the parent of their same gender. Gah! LET’S TALK!

But I digress…

Names are weird.

Do you have any weird name stories?

Send them too me.

Weekly Weird Name Story

I didn’t have any great remarkably foolish business ideas this week.

If you have any, to share, please send them to me by replying to the foolsletter. Or fill in the comment box on the webpage.

As for now? It’s been replaced by a stupid joke that might not be funny.

This is an experiment. I’m looking to see if I can get a laugh from my Instagram profile. Each week I’m going to do a thing like the store next door gag on Bob’s Burgers. I’m going change something on my Instagram profile to something weird or stupid to see if anyone says its funny.

Here’s this week’s attempt:

Is it subtle?

It made me giggle.

One Derful Thing

Less is more. You’ve heard that right?


More is more too. And I’d rather that.


If you find yourself for a moment and you think - am I being too much right now?

Ask yourself this: Too much for who?

Then ask who much for too?

And then?

Decide who you need to please in the here and meow.