Two types of people

Part two - the others

Yesterday I spoke about who this newsletter (and eventual book) is written for.

Then, there are the people that we have to put up with.

The officious ones.

In Dungeons and Dragons terms, the lawfully neutral characters.

The Umbridges.

As in Deloris.

They are big on control

They love perfection.

The are masters of rules, regulations, accountability and bureaucracy.

They want the certainty of knowing where they are in the social order and the stability of that place never changing.

These are people unwilling to laugh at themselves.

They need perfect.

They are unwilling to laugh at the absurdity of existence.

They need meaning. Significance. Gravity.

This work?

This work is a balm against them and hopefully, for those with a bit of a crack where the light could shine through.

I’m not waiting for them though.


I’m here for you

One Derful Thing

goes Evangelical!

Holy shit.

Here’s some holy shit.

Well… Shitty holy shit.

Check this out.

Don’t watch enough to make Algo Rhythm mess up your feed.


Watch for the fire and brimstone bit.

“And these things will be consumed by fire’

Calm the fuck down Billy.

Evangelicals have been terrorizing and traumatizing children for decades.

I remember hearing some of this ‘god crap’ from that asshole as a kid.

Scared the Jesus right out of me.

Took me years to recognize any wisdom in the Christian book of stories.


That jackass is playing to an arena!

An arena full of people came to listen to this imbecile tell people that the world is getting worse!

People bought his shit: a message of things are getting worse.

What fools.

All of them.

Things keep getting better.

Unless you are at either extreme end of the political spectrum.

Out there?

They use fear and horror to attempt to move people.


We’re working with play and pleasure.


These things need to be shared.

So, for One Derful Thing today?

Find a favorite post here in the Foolsletter.

Share it with someone who doesn’t know about this yet.

Let’s go cascading into the world with big hearts and the humility, curiosity and excitement that comes from uncertainty.