Too Much

and Sam Hatt

There’s just so much

To do

To read

To know

To share

To enjoy

To love

That we need to choose

It can be overwhelming

So choose.

Because time?

Time just keeps moving along.

Your time is meow.

One Derful Thing

Sam Hat

Where I live, people likely sound a little different when they speak where you live.

Where I live, when the weather is warmer than 24 degrees in metric - around 78 degrees for you barbarians with more arbitrary measurements - people like to complain that the weather is warm.

A certain contingent will say: Some hot eh?

Others say sum hot.

There are some where I live who are attempting to say both but end up sounding like they’re saying it’s ‘sam hat’.

Regional dialects say a lot about social class and privileged. The’re also fun to play with.

Today, notice what the little tics in how you speak English.

What regional dialects, accents or other charming things do you bring to your speech?

If you have difficulty with this, connect with a friend who sounds differently than you do. As them: What are some of the things that I say, that sound funny to you? Thank them.


Then exaggerate these things for the delight of yourself and others.

Sam hat eh?