Three profanities

a remarkably foolish mantra?

Shit shit shit

The words flowed freely. The news? Our remarkable little corner of the world needed to shut down because we had thirty five cases. Enough community spread here to cause the authorities to clamp down hard on a very specific part of the region.

It’s warranted. It’s effective. It’s painful.

Shit shit shit

This mantra brings me back to Paris in the early oughts. I was studying all sorts of playful foolishness with a masterful fool - Philippe Gaulier.

The following passage is my imitation of him leading this exercise. This imitation will be imperfect. So. Sorry about that. If you have a better imitation, or happen to be Philippe himself? Please feel free to share it with me here. I would be delighted to hear your take. Especially if it’s Philippe. There would be something quite remarkable about him imitating himself.

In this exercise Philippe has asked for six students to stand in the front of the room and swear:

You will all stand with your back to the audience. Then? I will hit the drum. (boom boom!) You will turn around, and, like a naughty child of seven years, you will swear. Three times. Three times with the word shit. Shit. Three times. I will not say this word three times. This is your job. You must say it with pleasure. Pleasure to be seen. Delight to be seen in your unique, idiotic way.

This seems timely now as we languish our way through wherever the hell we are in this ongoing pandemic. How are we dancing with our disappointment? As things fail, fall through and go wrong, how can we delight in playing with and enjoying the visceral experience of our expressions of disgust, disappointment and outrage of being so meh for so long?

How can we find delight in playing outrageously with our outrage?

How can we play with size and limits?

What creative ways can we play with our outrage? Where is fun? How do you experience outrage and courageousness?

One Derful Thing

How are we spending the days of our lives?

Not depressed? Not self actualized?

Languishing in your humanity!

Languishing, what a positively dramatic word for melancholy, mediocrity and middle age!



So dramatic.

Like sands through the hourglass. We are languishing. These are the days of our lives.


Use that line whenever you can. Say it like the announcer does:

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives

How many different times and places can you say it?

Can you say it in a way that indicates somehow that you’re languishing in anguish? Languid anguish in the English language. (that’s the name of my new band)

So? Where can you use this line? Let me know how it goes?

For bonus points, do it as a choral piece. Make it a game on zoom meetings. Every so often have someone interrupt the meeting by saying: Like sands through the hourglass… then wait until someone gets the joke and completes the phrase.