How to cook a kitten part 3

they seem to be catching on.

The captors seem more wise to me

The kitten?

Less available.

Steps to culinary kitten success:

1 Get a kitten. Make big eyes. Attempt to convince humans that kitten is not for lunch.

2 Sign letter stating: I will defo not eat this kitten.

3 Get a blender.

4 Put kitten in.

5 Set to purée.

6 Don’t forget the lid.

7 Blend till smooth.

8 Place contents in saucepan and bring to a boil.

9 Mix in onion, pepper and salt to taste.

10 Strain through coffee filter to remove fluffy bits.

Under forest fire skies

I awoke to forest fire skies

The world had changed.

The night prior,

Under forest fire skies

I had crossed a stage

I said goodbye.

I woke up to the reality that I was now somehow free

The night prior,

Under forest fire skies

I graduated from high school.

That morning?

It was as though the sun had been consumed by a dragon

And the very nature of light had changed.

That day?

Under forest fire skies

I moved in with my Nanny.

I started working for my uncle at the campground my Granddad built.

That day,

Under forest fire skies

Everything was different.

It was my first day at work

On the first day of summer.

That day,

Was the beginning of the first summer at the campground without him.

One Derful Thing

Fire has its own way of moving.

Imagine that you have some fire inside of you.

Imagine that this isn’t a threat. You can contain it. Let the fire grow. Let it build.

Let the sensation of fire build within you until you imagine that you’re fire. Move for a bit as fire.

Use your voice in fiery ways.

Go big with this and small.

Use some music to get into it.


At times during the day today, see if you can get in touch with the feeling of being fire. To be clear: This is not about pretending to be ‘on fire’. It would be terrible to be on fire. The instruction is to become fire. And, fire can’t burn itself…

Reply to this message and let me know what you find.