These are the breaks

Getting shown around a new place

Every surf break is different. Every creative project is different. Every work place is different

Every day at each of these is slightly different.

With surfing, there are several factors at play.

Beaches have sandbars that get moved by powerful swells.

These moving sandbars mean that the point of entry to ride the waves - the take off point is regularly changing.

They can be tricky places to navigate. Where you need to be is never the same.

Reef breaks and point breaks are easier in a lot of ways.

Waves tend to stand up and break in the same places. They do this because the ocean floor is more stable.

In any of these places, success depends on having an eye for what is coming.

Surfers have the ability to spot something happening in the distance that they can prepare for and manage when it arrives. They can spot things on the horizon and position themselves for a better chance at success.

When it comes to creative work, how can you develop an eye for distant changes and opportunities?

How can you develop the ability to take in more data, sooner, to better position yourself to fly?