The steam cleaner

A riff on futility

When the others were away, the upholstery cleaner arrived.

It’s a device that I’ve wanted for some time.

With it, I cleaned the grey chair and the grey sofa.

The grey chair turned out to be a green one. This was underneath the cat hair and the filth.

The grey sofa was actually grey as well. The interesting brown ‘marbling’ patterns disappeared.

The water in the upholstery cleaner?

It was black.

Now that the others are back, the chair and sofa are covered with animal hairs again.

The stains are not far behind.

Cleaning can seem like such a futile action.

Attempting to create order in chaos in order to keep things from getting cluttered seems like an endless task.

Me vs entropy?

Entropy - the tendency for things to fall apart - always wins.


There’s great satisfaction to be found in emptying the filthy water of a steam cleaner.

It’s absurd.

And we keep waking up.

We keep trying.

And the messes are infinite.