The sound of stuckness

I'm not stuck right now

This is the one hundred and sixtieth Foolsletter.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.

Part 2 of Laughter and resilience is coming.

On that one?

I’m a bit stuck.

I’m stuck attempting to balance humour and facts, playfulness and impact.

The work needs story telling.

The work needs to be concise.

The work needs to be engaging.


It needs more time to get there.

So, I’m stuck there.

Over the past six months, I’ve been stuck a lot.



Almost daily.

When I first started with the foolsletter, I regularly felt overwhelming shame.

What have I done?

What will happen when it goes out?

That’s the voice of what Steven Pressfield calls “The Resistance”.


That’s just part of the journey.

The process of reaching out to you every day is one of facing fear, apathy and, one of getting stuck regularly.

The best part about this?

Getting unstuck regularly.

One Derful Thing

The Sound of Stuckness

What are some of the sounds that you associate with getting stuck?

What does stuck sound like?

How do you get stuck?

Are you like:

  • A boot in the mud?
    A car in the snow?
    A plugged golf ball?
    A needle in an arm?

Today, every time you find yourself slowing down, pausing or a bit stuck around something? Make a little sound.

Each time you get slightly frustrated and a bit stuck, make a sound.

Do different kinds of frustration and stuck have different sounds?

Could you make a ‘song’ with these stuck sounds?

What would your song of stuckness sound like?