the shortcut to relaxation

Is this about choice?

I’m a legend with my family, famous really.

People are famous to their family for all sorts of reasons.


I’m famous for my short cuts.


We talked about slowing down in the heat.

Dennis commented that in NYC we focused on keeping the air flowing.

This creates a bit of a problem.

How do you keep the air flowing when there isn’t any wind?


Thousands of them.


Keep moving.

I’ve always bought base model cars.

Love their simplicity.


I never have air conditioning.

As such?

Sitting in summer traffic gridlock?


Even slow downs that keep the flow down hit me low down low low low low.

When I’m driving in the summer I just need to move.

And that’s how the ‘short cut’ was born.

There’s nothing short about it.

In fact:

I drive hundreds of kilometers every year on backroads and side streets.

These are my ‘shortcuts’.

These are the places I slow down, make things more inconvenient and, oh so importantly, less stimulating.

Shortcuts where I can keep busy.

Shortcuts where I keep moving.

Shortcuts that take longer to get there, but bring me to a state faster.

The key?

Keep moving.

Tell me about your shortcuts.

One Derful Thing

Go to a movie, family event, zoom meeting or whatever.

Laugh in appropriately.

Wait for the Victorians.

When they unleash their furry of manners, trace the letter ‘Z’ in the air while insisting: ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzip it!

In the moment of suspension while they pick their jaws up from the ground, look at your watch / wrist.

Look back at them.

Look back to your wrist / watch and begin to laugh while saying:

Right, this is that world where people pretend that things are both serious and important.

Right time for my serious face.


Make your serious face.


Don’t try this ever. Anywhere.