The Shoemaker (without elves!)

And my team has reached the final

Yesterday I shared an advert that was blocked for some time on Facebook.

A few of you suggested why it was paused.

I think the line about ‘internalized violence’ likely raised an eyebrow or two.

Either way, I sold the soff racks.

It took a few tries.

Someone even offered to buy my advert is an NFT.

That would be neat.

Anyway, more for sale soon.

The Shoemaker - Without the Elves

Once there was a very kindly shoemaker.

He was hard working.

In addition to designing the shoes, cutting the leather and assembling the shoes, he also maintained the shop, balanced the books paid the bills and was in charge of marketing.

His social media was always on point and when ever anyone needed help he’d lend a hand.

He was struggling.

You see there were not enough hours in the day.


Instead of taking care of the shoes or the shop, he did a lot of favours for other people first.


He never charged enough for his work.

It had gotten so bad that the shoemaker and his wife were eating nothing but sandwiches made from scraps of left over vegan leather served with stone soup cooked solo.

The shoemaker just kept going.

He worked hard and was generous.


He hopped for a miracle.


He hopped that his generosity would be rewarded ‘somehow’.


Yep. Somehow. The shoemaker also suffered from a lack of specificity.

How do you get help when you don’t even have any clue what kind of help you need? How can you expect other people to know what you need when you don’t know yourself?


Perhaps some little people… Little elves! Yes. Little elves would magically appear and make everything better.

The elves didn’t show up.

Wal Mart did.

And that old shoemaker who used to do so much good for the world?

Last time I heard, he got a job as a greeter.

And he’s still there to this very day.

One Derful Thing

My team advanced to the finals last night.

Their fan base loves to sing.

The song goes like this:

Find the others.

Find the Habs fans out there.

Call to each other.

Sing the words today. You will be found.