The secret ingredient

is always the same

What a remarkably foolish take on life…


Not power?

Not technique?

Not knowledge?





The central through line in each volume of The Book of Wrong Answers is that things are usually, ultimately a question of love. Through stories and experiences I’m hoping to put you in touch with more love in your life. The goal? You’ll feel lighter.

The experiments and stories are here play with our ability to love and be loved even as flawed, uncomfortable and foolish humans. We have nervous systems that accelerate faster than a Tesla in “Ludicrous Mode” and brains that make up foolish stories to go with our shitty experiences.

Here, I’m writing with a few basic assumptions. These will be explored more fully over time. And. Here are a few to get started:

Being playful is really helpful when it comes to resilience. This is best explored playfully.

Humans are imperfect - foolish even and limited. We are making the best choices we can given what we know at the time - (having said that, I may play with a bit of time machine therapy as a running gag somewhere here because running gags are good in and of themselves)

Sensitivity means using your senses. Reality is a product of how we engage with the world through our senses. And? A lot of time we’re not listening, seeing or smelling each other. Tasting each other? Donner party this isn’t.

We need to assume goodwill. People are essentially good-ish. This means that we’re foolish. The shit that pisses you off about yourself or someone else? That’s your best attempt not to be an ass-hole, not to fall short and to find some space for yourself in the world.

Everybody poops. We have things that we’re ashamed of. Getting free from shame, guilt and regret is perhaps one of the greatest liberties available to you. We just need to explore the stinky places first.

So. There you go. That’s my first sketch of the Book of Wrong Answers Something or other introduction synopsosysiey bit.

One Derful Thing

Yesterday you were a seed.

Today you are a plant.

What’s your relationship with sunshine?

Notice light today.

Notice the sun.

Notice the sensations you experience as reaches you.

Is it bright?

Is it cloudy?

How much light can you touch today?