The Remarkable Foolish Postcard Club

It is verified: Remarkably Foolish.

A postcard.

Hand written.

By me.

Sent to you.

As a personal thank you for signing up for the post card club.


Postcard Club?

What are you talking about sir?

Are ya daft Jimmie?

A little bit.

When I was youngish.

Theatre school age.

I used to love sending postcards to friends. There were times that I felt close to people who sent me a couple of post cards a year.

It was nice getting something physical. Something meaningful. Something meaningless. Either way, it took time on my end to send, and got there slow.

So many things are about timing.

Post cards move at a different groove than email or text.

A few random words can add joy to a day.

So, with that in mind, I’ve started something foolish:

A postcard club.

Here’s how it works:

You send me your address. Your mailing address. I promise only to use this for post card trading.

Go to this form to sign up right meow.

Once we have enough Post Card club members, I give your address to someone else and you get another persons address. You send a stranger a post card. A whole different stranger sends you one too.

Eventually, you receive a delightful postcard from somewhere else.

There are some rules: Be nice. Be kind. Make something or say something with the hope of delighting the person who gets it. Whimsy, and a light touch encouraged. The goal? Increase the felt sense of levity in the world.


You, dear reader, are the first to get into this.

As a reward, once I receive your address, I’ll send you a handwritten postcard conjured up in my odd brain and dispatched from my little corner of the world.

Go to this form to sign up right meow.

Once we have enough people sign up, we go.

One Derful Thing

This is super wonderful and random.

Think of someone you know and care a bit about.

Got someone in mind?


Write a letter to them and mail it to them today.


Just do it.

Not someone deep or heavy.

That person. The first one that came to your mind.

Are they a good person to send a letter to? Ya think it will be welcome?

Think about it twice, because you’re not totally crazy.

It could be someone simple, like your cat. Or kitten who always seems to elude the Wiley Rodney.

Send them a letter. Tell them you were thinking about them.

Tell them I say “hi”.

Notice how you feel.

Do this

Same day.

Get their address without them knowing.

Make it a surprise.

Do it all at once.

Same day.

And go to bed knowing that at some point soon someone will delighted because of you.

Sweet dreams.

Sweet dreams?

This gets sent in the morning.


With that in mind, here’s something to get you hopping: