the rats and squirrels of leadership

part 4 of a three part series on roadkill

I thought this was going to be a three part series.

It was.

That was my intention.


I saw how well ya’ll have been responding.

As such, I made it two thirds of the way across the road.

Like the pragmatic squirrel, I changed direction.

Leaders, parents, politicians?

The all get criticized for flip flopping.

They take a lot of heat for changing direction.


They get eviscerated for not making change happen quickly enough.

This is mostly done by the rats or squirrels who haven’t crossed the road.

They’ve played in the ditches perhaps.

They’ve climbed trees.


These folks haven’t seen traffic.

Not from the perspective of being underneath a moving car.

These folks, without the ability to pause, to alter course, to behave in ways that seem erratic?

These folks simply don’t know what they don’t know.

They may have seen the road.

They may have seen others cross.

Have they done it themselves?

Not so much.

Once we get into a new role, the field of experience changes.

Our limits, if we’re lucky, become more clear to us.

When we can acknowledge and work within them our chances of success grow.

Squirrels who pause seem to make magic happen.

They can cross roads in ways that seem impossible.

When we put our head down and act like a determined rat?

Our chances of being crushed increase.

I started writing this writing this series as a three part bit with some intention.

After some pause?

I’ve expanded the scope.

I didn’t know that I would need to until I got here.

That’s where you come in.

As you show up and provide feedback, I can pause, adjust and ideally serve you better.

This post proves at least one thing:

I can’t count.


You can count on the Foolsletter to be delivered every day.

Share it with a friend.

And we can cross this damn road together.

Much love,

And squirrelishnes