The little red hen

became a minister in the church of the big lebowski

Once there was a little red hen. This little red hen did everything. All of the things all of the time. The others? It’s not like they didn’t try. This hen beat them to it. Most of the tasks. Most of the time.

This little red hen came in before all of the others.

This little red hen always stayed later than all of the others.

This was all this little red hen could do.

Time off would be







Eventually, tired of being lonely, exhausted with being exhausted, worn out, and on the verge of a nervous collapse, the little red hen did something different.

This little red hen went and saw the head shrinker.

(and the sky did not fall)

Now you would think that hens, with their tiny little heads, wouldn't need to see a head shrinker.

You'd be surprised.

Slowly but surely, this little red hen learned to slow down and let other people step in.

The little red hen, learn to let go of extremely high expectations.

The little red hen thrived by making room for disappointment, inconvenience, discomfort and imperfection. and allowed herself disappointment, inconvenience and imperfection in how things were done. Over time, the little red hen allowed things to be done differently. Over time, the little red hen put his feet up and gave himself a break every now and then.

The hen abides.

As for the head shrinker? She ate a lot of omelettes.

One Derful Thing

Find an excuse to use the sound effect and gesture of an explosion.

For example upon returning from the toilet you might say: Wow! (sound and gesture of an explosion) I feel a lot better now.


The boss noticed you were late again… (sound and gesture of an explosion)

Where can you use this in your day?

Bonus points: If you have a moody teenager in your house, do you dare use it around them?

If so, please share the results…