The Halloween Party

from the perspective of the dog

It’s unbelievable here tonight.

I’ve not seen that much bum sniffing since woofstock.

What gives?

They are acting very strange tonight.

Very unlike at the park.

There, they hold coffee. 

They keep their distance.

They pick up my poo.

They keep me from mounting Fifi.


They have funny smelling coffee.

They are standing closer.

I’ve shit on the floor and no one has noticed.

As for Fifi?

Everyone here seems to want to mount each other.

What gives?

They’ve gathered before at night like this.

They even had the smelly coffee.

But the butt sniffing and attempted mountings?


What’s different?

Many are wearing odd clothes.

Some have their faces painted.

Others are wearing altogether false faces.

It’s like they’re hiding.

And these false faces and costumes seem to give them permission to be the animals they really are.

A quick thank you to you, my readers.

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Shipping this everyday is easier on some days than others. And?

This newsletter is a mere 100 days from being a year old.

I’m grateful for your attention.

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