The Fort

Back when I was ten

Back when I was ten,

My granddad built me a fort

It was way up the hill behind his house.

We used tongue and groove spruce for the floor

And particle board for the walls and door.

I had intentions of sleeping there.

The mosquitoes convinced me to rethink those intentions.

I loved building the fort. I loved walking up the hill to the fort.

Most of all?

I loved sitting on the roof


Sucking up the dappled sunlight that could get through the leafy canopy.

That fort is long gone.

The path past it though?

Still well used.

One Derful Thing


Be super aware of the back of your neck.

Pay attention, any sensations come up there?

Periodically notice any sensations in the back of your neck

Or pull a neck check every now and then what the heck.

And, reply to this message if you would like to tell me about what it was like.