The crow and the jug of water

This doesn't end well

Once there was a crow who was dying of thirst.

It found a water jug, partially filled with water.

It suck its beak in to the jug.

No luck. The crow couldn’t reach the water.

The crow tried knocking over the jug.

No luck.

The crow tried its beak again.

Its hopeless thought the crow.

Finally, the crow found some pebbles.

The crow had a great idea: I can put the pebbles in and fill the jug and raise the water high enough to drink.

This went well initially.

And eventually?

The crow gave up.

I want this to be easier called the crow.

The crow ignored the pebbles.

The crow ignored what it knew would work.


The crow worked extremely hard at finding ways to make getting the water easier.

It found a divining rod.

It created cups to catch the dew.

It even started a go fund me campaign.

None of it worked.

Things didn’t getting easier.

The crow died of thirst.

If only it had kept going…

Moments later, a coyote happened upon the crow.

Wow! Free lunch! These meals cook themselves! This is easy, yipped the coyote.

The coyote made short work (and a solid lunch) of the dead crow then was on its way.

Looking for the easy way out is one way to fail.

How do you end up becoming someones lunch?

One Derful Thing

Take stock: Are you stuck in any places where if you just keep going with a very simple method, you’ll likely end up successful?

Where are you avoiding the straightforward, obvious, painful or boring approach in favour of either giving up or adding complexity so the task doesn’t get completed?

If you were the crow in this story, what avoidant behaviour might get you eaten? What’s the coyote that will eat you?

Who do you know that just needs to keep putting rocks in the water jug rather than inventing easier ways to get a drink?