The Best Joke Ever

Starts with a risk...

My granddad didn’t hesitate.

He acted.

He made stuff.

He needed a chop saw.

Before there were chop saws.

Electric motors, hinges, and belts to rotate blades?

Those existed.

So he built his own.

When I was 11, I didn’t want to go to the lake as often.

I wanted to stay home and play basket ball.

My granddad?

He loved me.

He wanted me there.

He knew what to do:

At home, I had a basketball net that was as close to perfect as my dad could make it.

That net is gone now.

This one?

Cut from a Scottsburn Dairy Crate?

Attached to the side of the garage with a couple of bent nails?

It’s still there.

In another post,

I discussed who’s it for - when it comes to minor hockey.

I brought in the concept of the minimum viable instruction required for sport to happen

This net?

Combined with an old soccer ball, this net created the minimum viable gear necessary to play basketball.

Is it really that simple?

It could be.

One Derful Thing

Welcome to your daily invitation to play with yourself. And, if you’re feeling friendly, with others as well.

Today’s challenge: Knock knock.

It’s an invitation that many, if not most people know:

I say: Knock knock.

You say: Who’s there.


Reply with something really random. Go with the first thing you see as your response: ie: coffee table.

Then, try to work it out, make a joke and either come up with comedy gold, or fail miserably.

Do this at work and see if they notice. When someone catches you, blame me and…

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