The Believe You Can

Corporate wisdom from the side of a dumpster

There’s large green dumpster behind the school near my house. On this dumpster there’s a large vinyl sticker that reads “BELIEVE YOU CAN”.

At the time of writing, I’m unsure whether this is an invitation or a noun.

An invitation would suggest ‘believe that you can do _______’ while giving no indication of what ________ is.

Or, is this a ‘Believe you can’ - a magical place where the schools send the dreams of their students.

Based on my experience with the educational industrial complex, I tend to think that this is a noun.

Sally, please remember to drop off your dreams at the Believe You Can before heading home

When it comes to achievement, how much is dependent upon belief?

How much does action depend upon belief?

How about success?

Rather than ‘Believe you can’, how about ‘keep going’?

Results come from actions rather than beliefs

One Derful Thing

Make a list of things that you believed you could do before attempting them.

Can you do them now?

How have your beliefs in your abilities been helpful?

How have they gotten in your way?

Have you ever done something that you couldn’t believe that you would be able to finish before starting?

What’s the relationship like between action and belief for you?