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On certainty

I view certainty as a bit of a character flaw. Well…

That’s not entirely true.


It’s not entirely false either.

Every day I show up to disrupt peoples’ sense of certainty. I show up, disrupt, then support them in tolerating the visceral sensations and monkey mind thoughts that come with uncertainty.

Certainty, or the longing for it, aches with a pleading desperation.

Certainty. Death. Taxes.

You’d better get good at grief and loss.

I struggle regularly with certainty.

Every couple of years.

At very inopportune times.

I feel certain.

Very certain that the contents of my lower digestive tract are indeed gaseous.

When in fact they are not.

This is a truth that becomes abruptly, shockingly, embarrassingly painful.

I start to adjust. My gait changes. Legs held in oddball ways, struggling to maintain a sense of dignity.

Struggling to keep the fabric of my pants far away from the backs of my thigh.

The material may brush up against it.


It must not stick.

I remember the milk I had in my coffee - despite that dairy thing I have. I should have known better. Instead, I acted with the certainty of a televangelist and forced the issue.

The results? Predictable.

This happens with alarming regularity.

It seems that every time I act with absolute certainty anywhere in life, I need to take a shower and change all of my clothes.

When I’m a bit cautious, a bit curious and I really pay attention to what’s going on and where I am, these things happen less.

Have you ever acted with certainty with less than stellar results?

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Weekly Playlist:

Pitchfork Economics: Billionaire Venture Capitalist Nick Hanaur talks about why people like him should pay more taxes and people like you should have more in your pocket.

Seems a bit much to understand?

They explain things in pretty clear terms. Check it out:

Weirdo video of the week

One of my favorites, Lenny Shultz.

Lenny did stand up in New York, and some television work, all while maintaining a job as a phys ed teacher.

That’s remarkably foolish.

Go crazy Lenny!

I share this a whole lot. You should too. There are few things funnier than a grown adult pretending to be a chicken…

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One Derful Thing

In the spirit of Lenny, find some times today to pretend that you are a chicken.

Or a rooster.

But not a duck.

If you’re alone, walk around imagining that you’re a chicken.

Make chicken noises, scratch the earth. (or the flooring depending on where you are)

If you’re with people, what happens, or when, would making a chicken noise, a chicken face or doing a chicken walk be something you could pull off?

Could you find a way to add a chicken to an interaction without going to the ordinary Bok bok mocking of another person?

How can you be a chicken today

How are you already a chicken?

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