Speaking of carrots

And other objects of that shape

Here we go.

Happy Saturday

It’s spring time.


Getting into ‘planting season’.

Time to get messy

Time to plant some seeds.

Time to work the soil.

Put up a tower

And get wood

And achieve lift off

Oh. And this post?

It’s about penises

Penises look funny.

Of course they do.

They’ve only got one big eye.

They have to crane around from one side to the other to see anything.

Imagine a penis crossing the street.

Zero peripheral vision.

And depth perception?


It’s no wonder they’re always bumping into things.

I remember seeing the naked men wrestling scene in the Borat movie.

The laughter?

It was penis like.

It was explosive


More like a prolonged eruption from deep in the earth.

Penises look funny because penises are funny.

For millennia they have been associated with comedy, fertility and foolishness. The festivals of Dionysus - Bacchus in Rome, the noses of Pantalone and Capitano in Commedia Dell Arte and in all of Shakespeare’s shrivelled up codpieces.

What makes penises funny?

This is difficult to determine. They definitely come out more frequently in the spring. In Kawasaki Japan, they parade around in a big penis party. It is a Spring Shinto Festival called Kanamara Matsuri.


Giant penises.

Oh so many penises.

This has become a festival about sexual health and being inclusive.


Penises still look funny.

Remarkably Foolish Videos:

This week, in keeping with the them, here are two great videos about Kanamara Matsuri. The first gives an earnest reporting on the festival. The second is more silly.

I like them both.

Remarkably Foolish Playlist

This is Ben Howard.

Ben Howard is foolish. He was worried that his music on this album was going to make him too popular

With it, he released this insanely fun video

In addition to the riddiculously great song, THEY MADE THEIR OWN WATER SLIDE OUT OF HAY BALES!

This is his best album. It’s the one that I always come back to.

Dear broody, dark, miserable Ben had to wrestle with some daemons. He distanced himself from this level of play, this level of foolishness. Instead?

Ben dove deep into the dark murky waters of taking himself and his art super seriously.

Not Keith Jarrett seriously. But at the same time?

Super serious.

His next two albums were fine. They were good. Dark. Moody. Brilliant.

He had to make them. As a fan? I’ve hung around. I’ve hung around not because his second two albums were great. They were fine. They seemed to be for Ben

His latest release? This seems like a compromise between what sounds great in his head and where an audience will follow him.

I love his first album. I know every note.

This next one? I’m really warming up to it nicely. It’s still ridiculously broody. The songs What a Day and Sorry Kid are worth a couple of listens. They are super pretty.

And? It’s still pretty weird in places. His work takes me with him. Best enjoyed with coffee and sunshine.

Check it out:

One Derful Thing

There are some really great euphemisms for ‘penis’.

This Bustle article includes the origins of the term ‘gigglestick’

Gigglestick is funny.

Funny words for body parts are funny.

Why limit the fun to our genitles?

Come up with euphemisms for other body parts. Instead of your feet, refer to them as your painful steppers. Instead of your elbows? The pointed whackers. Knees? The jolly benders.

Come up with some of your own. Work them into the conversation.

When people don’t know what you’re talking about, look at them like you think they’re stupid. Go slowly and show them while slowly saying your made up term that they would have no idea what you’re talking about because they don’t live in your head.

Report back with terms and usage!

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