somewhere, out there

someone does not like you

Simple fact.

You can’t please everyone.

You will not be liked by everyone.

You will, at times, offend people.

This is especially true when your are finding your creative voice.

I wrote recently about finding your voice as an artist.

There, I mentioned that many people, when they record themselves for the first time, they are shocked by how they sound.

When I first heard my own voice recorded, I found it to be super irritating.

So. If I can be annoyed by my own voice, imagine how shitty I must sound to others.

While prepping for this newsletter, I went back over years of writing projects and discovered things that I thought, said, and believed do not appeal to me meow.

I’m offensive even to myself.

As such, how remarkably foolish it is to believe that you can create something that appeals to everyone.

Could everyone benefit from hearing about your great idea?


It depends on them.

Should they?

It’s not up to you to decide.

Forcing your point of view on others, insisting that they think like you think, believe what you believe and make you feel comfortable with them is a kind of Evangelical Fascism that plagues progressives and conservatives both.

Love the people who love you.

Fuck the fucking fuckers.

Have the wisdom to know the difference.